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Everybody has a friend with amazing cooking skills. The ones that you’d always enjoy over the same takeout food. It’s never been easier to enjoy great dishes.
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Order in advance delicious home cooked meals and receive them at your doorstep Easy as ordering takeout but with waaay better food!
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My meal was extremely tasty while also healthy enough to feel like guilt-free indulgence! I love the ‘home-cooked’ idea and it’s great that you can go onto the website and see exactly who has cooked your food.

Matt had Chicken Chorizo and Morrocan Lamb cooked by Samantha


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Tell us where you are so we match you with the closest dishes
See what’s available in your area and order in advance (even a few days before, if you want)
Good food + reasonable prices = everyone’s happy
Freshly cooked, at your doorstep
Our home cooks will prepare it just before delivery time so it’s nice and warm

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