Stephanie, Brixton

A strong love of food is the starting point for everything that I do. My philosophy is that if I make food that I love to eat, then you will love it too. There are no tricks, cheats or shortcuts in any of my food. I use real natural ingredients to produce real tasty food. That’s all!

Barbados born and bred, I’ve always got a little sunshine in my heart and little soca in my veins. I learned to eat, to cook and to love food in the West Indies. I love to experiment with Caribbean ingredients and try to bring my favorite meals to the table with a new twist.

Stephanie Robyn is the name my darling parents gave me many years ago. My earliest memories are in the kitchen. Growing up, my family called me Roo (short for Robyn) and as such my mum always put me in charge of making the roux. Get it? Roo, Roux. They sound the same! So, my name = food. I don’t need a shrink to tell me why the kitchen is so important to me.

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